Guest & Family Registration


Members may have guests accompanied by them use The Club Facilities in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of The Club. Members are responsible for all fees and charges incurred by their guests, and for ensuring their guests comply with all such Rules and Regulations and Resort Policies.

Guest Registration – Guests will be issued a dated, visitor’s vehicle pass which must be displayed on the dash of their vehicle at all times while on Club and Resort properties. 

  • Members should request a visitor’s vehicle pass for their extended family and overnight house guests by completing the form below.  
  • Your guest's vehicle pass will be available for pickup at The GSC Welcome Center located just off Route 60 on Sporting Club Drive.  Upon arrival, your guests may be asked to provide the Member name and address they are visiting.

First & Last Name
Enter 911 address here
Enter guest name here
Son, Daughter, Cousin, Friend, Associate
(Anyone who is accompanying this guest but does not need their own guest credentials)

(Extended Family Amenity Pass is only available to the parents and adult children of the Member and Spouse, and the adult children’s spouses and children.)

(Vehicle Visitor Passes & temporary guest proximity gate cards must be picked up from The GSC Welcome Center so that the guest vehicle information may be registered.)

If you have multiple guest families to register you must complete & submit the form above for each guest family. If you would prefer to register all guests in one communication please click the button below to generate an email to the Membership Office for processing.

Guest Registration By Email


Extended Family – The extended family shall be the parents and adult children of the Member and Spouse, and the adult children’s spouses and children.  Amenity access cards are required to access certain amenities.
Unaccompanied Guests – The unaccompanied guest must be overnight house guests of the Member and be pre-registered with The Club. Most amenity access is restricted without the accompaniment of the member.

Guest Policies