The Greenbrier Sporting Club, founded in 2000, is a private equity club and residential community organized for the purpose of offering real estate and resident memberships at The Greenbrier Sporting Club.  The community, which spans all 11,000 acres of The Greenbrier resort's property, is the setting for this modern sporting club: an abundance of private, world-class amenities and pursuits, including hiking, biking, and golf - on a private 18-hole course designed by Tom Fazio named The Snead - as well as executive-level sports such as fly fishing, European sporting clays, equestrian center and more than 50 amenities of The Greenbrier.  The combination of historical significance, architectural integrity, long-standing sporting tradition, and an abiding respect for the environment make The Greenbrier Sporting Club a sought-after setting for the entire family.
"The White Sulphur Springs airport closed in 1986.  In 1999 a small part of the property was incorporated into The Meadows Course while in 2004 the major section of the old airstrip was developed into The Snead Course."
"Following the devastating flood of June 2016 The Meadows Course was once again redesigned and rebuilt making available the former #11 and #12 holes, the site of today’s Ashford Short Course. The name was selected to honor The Greenbrier’s service during the Second World War as a two thousand bed U.S. Army hospital where 25,000 soldiers recuperated and recovered when they returned from overseas."

With all proposed private amenities completed in 2007, Sporting Club Members are actively enjoying the bounty of their resident membership, which offers full use and access to the facilities and services of the resort's amenities in addition to their own private amenities and activities.

In the summer of 2009, businessman Jim Justice of the Justice Family Group, LLC acquired both The Greenbrier Resort and The Greenbrier Sporting Club, and has since infused both with his energy, enthusiasm and vision for the future.  The Greenbrier Sporting Club, under the direction of this ownership, is developed by The Greenbrier Hotel Corporation.
"The Hunt Club was built in the early 1930's as The Greenbrier's first trap shooting site. In 1996 The Hunt Cabin was restored and is now the home of The Greenbrier Sporting Club's Young Explorers children's program and is also a location for private parties and dinners"