Member Vehicle Registration


All Greenbrier Sporting Club Members must display a valid membership decal affixed to the windshield of their vehicle to permit entry onto Club and Resort properties. A current vehicle registration form must be completed and on file for each decal issued.
Please remember that children over age 22, parents and other relatives are NOT authorized to receive a membership decal, but you may request a Vehicle Visitor Pass for them. Please see bottom of page for more details.
Requests for Membership decals may take up to 3-5 business days to process.

First & Last Name
Enter 5 Digit Membership Number
Street/PO, City, State & Zip
Lexus, Porsche, GMC, Cadillac, etc.
RX, Panamera, Denali, Escalade, etc.
Plate Number & State Issued In

Choose How You Would Like To Receive Your Decal

Visitor Vehicle Passes

Extended family and guests will be issued a dated, visitor’s vehicle pass which must be displayed on the dash of their vehicle at all times while on Club and Resort properties. 

  • Members should request a visitor’s vehicle pass for their extended family and overnight house guests by contacting The Greenbrier Sporting Club Membership Office at 304-647-6100 or email